"What we are looking at is a sea change in the music training of theatre professionals. Adam is on the cutting edge of this development.

-- Mary Saunders-Barton, Master Voice Pedagogue

“Since we began our work together, my upper range has expanded greatly, my vocal registers have become fluid, and I have learned to create and develop honest characters within musical contexts. Adam is an incomparable vocal technician with a natural talent for teaching and unparalleled passion for his work, and I have a one-of-a-kind rep to prove it!" 

"The training I receive from Adam Roberts is incredibly unique and constantly transforming. In fact, of the many voice trainers with whom I have worked throughout my life, Adam stands alone in having successfully cultivated remarkable, vital results in both my vocal technique and performance skills. Working with him has brought me to a greater awareness of my voice as well as my body, which in turn has led me to a healthier and more resonant sound.”

“When it comes to musical theatre, Adam Roberts knows the books, the looks, the sound, and the score. He teaches his students to examine each song as a series of actions and expressions of character interwoven into the moment of its larger context. Keenly aware of the shifting scene in the musical theatre profession, Adam prepares his students for work and success from day one.”

Adam coaches a‍‍‍dvanced adult musical theatre performers at The Actor's School.  His Advanced Musical Intensive, offered in multiple sessions throughout the year, focuses on vocal technique and song interpretation.

Austin-area high school students interested in preparing their college audition material with Adam are invited to learn mor‍‍‍e about the Long Center's College Audition Program (CAP).

Adam’s approach to working with the singing voice addresses both the commonalities shared by all vocalists and the qualities unique to each individual’s instrument and stylistic pursuits. As a musical theatre specialist, Adam works from an acting-centered approach and explores vocal expression as a means of communicating specific choices. His training philosophy is two-pronged: first, the performer develops fundamental skills that promote healthy, sustainable use of the vocal instrument. Second, Adam focuses on the natural colors, shadings, and acoustic parameters particular to the individual. Through this approach the performer retains his or her versatility while also developing the ability to offer unique interpretations of the repertoire. 











Adam joins the faculty this summer as Director of Musical Theatre Voice at Texas Arts Project, an intensive training program for high school students seeking to develop their skills in theatre, film and songwriting.

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